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FREWO MOBILHEIMBAU GmbH is an Austrian family-type company. They produce wooden mobile homes since the year 1989 in Langau, near Czech borders. Their main priority is its flexibility and high quality and comfort. With its motto "Our customer, our boss" it is trying to satisfy its customers' needs and wishes.

Frewo develops not only mobile homes, but also mobile offices, stalls, small workrooms, toilet equipment for camps, sport precincts {also adapted for the handicapped}, and other constructions either equipped or not. Company also offers barrier-free mobile homes that are planned together with the handicapped.

Mobile homes are constructed from high-quality wood and isolation materials, and are provided fully equipped or equipped due to customer's requirements, eg. just the frame with the chassis. Mobile homes are normally equipped with furniture, upholstery and curtains that you, as a customer, can choose {the type of wood, fabric, covering and curtains}.

Standard equipment

Living room: PVC floor or a carpet, seating group, gas heating, wardrobe, table, lighting

Kitchen: PVC floor, kitchen unit with a sink, cooker with an oven, fridge with a freezer, digester, curtains, lighting

Bed room: PVC floor or a carpet, single or double bed, wardrobe, a small wardrobe above beds, lamps for reading, lighting

Bathroom: PVC floors and walls, corner shower bath, washbasin, toilet, gas circulation heating, mirror storage

Other equipment: maple, spruce, alder, oak or beech laminate furniture, surcharge for real wood; in living room, for sliding doors

Electricity distribution: circuit breaker, double electric outlet in living room and in kitchen, drawer at every bed and in bathroom storage

Furniture decorations available

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