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Mobilheim Centrum CZ

We sell and alter new and used mobilheims - mobile homes.

Our plus is the posibility of selling partly furnished or not at all furnished mobilheims that are then furnished in our joinery, according to your request.

We provide individual transportation of new and used mobilheims from most European producers.

You may make a telephone arrangement and visit us at the address given in the section CONTACT.

Evasion Atlantic Sun Roller

One of the biggest producers of mobile homes

Certificate EN ČSN 1647 - safety and quality product (Vehicle for free time)

Three year guarantee against water soaking

High quantity discount from two pieces

What is a mobile home?

Mobile home Sun Roller

Mobile homes can be a very comfortable replacement of holiday houses and smaller houses designed for temporary housing. But they can also be used for running small businesses (hairdresser´s, pub, flower shop) or as offices. Especially small entrepreneurs will find this very useful.

A mobile home is equipped with a steel chassis including special small wheels, retractable rectifying struts and a removable pole ISO 50 (which is the same as the pulling device used for cars) that enables it to be quickly mobile on short distances. A mobile home is not fixed to the ground, therefore you need no planning permission neither a registration, in fact you only park it somewhere.

Pros of mobile homes

  • a mobile home is both larger and higher then a caravan
  • a mobile home´s construction is more robust and enables to put together some types in the shape of L or U
  • a mobile home has remarkably better insulating qualities
  • no planning permission for mobile homes
  • term of delivery: maximum 2 months from the date of order
  • minimal maintenance
  • low insurance costs comparing to "fixed" houses
  • leasing available at MB leasing company
  • a loan available at the Ceska sporitelna
  • VAT deductible for VAT payers
  • complex water, sewage and electricity distribution, heating (gas, electricity) or air conditioning